West Ireland Tours was founded by Rónán Bradley in 2017. Rónán was born in the Burren, County Clare.  His family have a long tradition of tourism, hospitality and performing.  This blossomed into his love of the natural beauty of County Clare, the traditional music, the interesting places and people who are nestled within the nooks and crannies of the area.

Rónán spent several years working in America but was always drawn to return to his native county.  He then worked as a bus driver and in the hotel business.  In 2015, Rónán started his Facebook group wanting to share his interest in the natural beauty that surrounds him living on the Wild Atlantic Way in the heart of the Burren, Co Clare, as well as his love of Irish Music.  He started to document his experiences through his Facebook group, Ireland’s Inner Beauty, telling of his travels through the countryside and his meetings with a wide range of interesting local people.  Of an evening, he would share the fabulous local music through live streaming.  He has developed a network of musicians who value his work sharing their music throughout the world.  Little by little word spread and Rónán has a following of over 20,000 people throughout the world.  Many log in regularly to join with him and his life on the West Coast.  Some are Irish emigrants who enjoy being able to share the Irish scenery, chat and craic while they are many miles from home.  Others are those who have limited connections with Ireland but just enjoy the Irish way of life.  Some seem to find solace in the music, natural explorations and chat the Rónán fills his page with.  It is very much an interactive group, with Rónán keeping in touch with those of leave comments and responding to their questions and enquiries.

Out of this, Rónán drew on his experience as a bus driver and tour guide and started to offer his services, joining with people on their travels to bring them to share with the local, off the beaten track venues and meet the local craft workers and musicians.   He also has an interest in history and family connections and has worked with several visitors in finding their family roots and relatives.